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At Finch we are specialist recruiters for accounting and finance. We match candidates to positions throughout New Zealand. Our established networks and ever-expanding talent database enable us to optimise outcomes for clients and candidates alike.


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The next generation of finance leaders

Just as the role of accountants is developing in today's business world, so too is the role of finance leaders. According to a recent global survey from Ernst and Young (EY), emerging pressures and the broadening scope of the role means that finance leaders need new abilities to succeed on the modern career path. As a result, employers looking to recruit a leader for their finance team will need to stay alert for the right expertise and experience that will continue to benefit their business. 


How to answer “why should I hire you?”

Of all the challenging questions you might face in an job interview, "why should I hire you" is perhaps one of the most dreaded. How do you answer in a way that will make up the interviewer's mind instead of causing them to scratch you off their mental list?

To help you out, we're giving you a guide to help you answer this tough query and succeed in the executive recruitment process

The rise of flexible working in accounting

Accounting is built on structure in many ways, but with the rise of technology such as cloud software this is now changing, at least in terms of working arrangements. Flexible working is becoming increasingly common for the finance and accounting industry, with professionals able to work remotely and in different hours more easily. So how might flexibility affect your accounting joband what can you do to make it work for you?